Leave a Legacy


How your legacy helps

Help us care for Ireland’s forests, woods, trees and hedgerows by remembering Crann in your Will.

A legacy or bequest to Crann is a gift of trees for future generations to value and enjoy.

Ireland was once almost completely covered in broadleaved trees. Most of our native woodland was destroyed over the centuries and along with it the rich ecosystems it supported.

Crann promote the sustainable use of Irish grown hardwoods, develop public awareness of the value of our woodlands and encourage the art and crafts associated with our native grown timber. We cannot continue these tasks and our work of education and promotion without your help. No matter how small your legacy or bequest is, Crann will put it to good use towards safeguarding our woodland and hedgerow resource for the future.

If you wish to remember Crann in your will, your solicitor will need to know the following details:

  • People for Trees (Ireland) CLG t/a Crann
  • ISSN 1393-5909
  • Registered Charity No. 20043322 
  • CHY 13698

For further details, please contact the Crann administrator (info@crann.ie)