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easy treesie Project

Crann has partnered with the easy treesie project to help a million schoolchildren on the island of Ireland to plant a million trees to reach the “Plant-for-the-Planet” challenge.

Join the easy treesie project – it’ll be easy as 1, 2, Tree!

easy treesie organises children to plant trees. The aim is for every child in Ireland to plant a tree and to sponsor one in the Global South. A million trees – easy treesie! You can support us by donating or coming out on our planting parties.

Check out all of the easy treesie project information and updates on the easy treesie website.


Donate to easy treesie

You can donate to easy treesie here. As little as €5 will help us plant trees!

whAT IS Easy Treesie?

IT’S AN EX-TREE-VAGANZA. Sorry! We know.

And before you say, “Mad!!!” just think; David Attenborough promotes tree planting as being one of the most useful, sensible thing we can do to combat climate change. So, perhaps the opposite of mad.

It is a very sane, sober and satisfying solution. It’s not the whole solution, but one of the best we have at the moment, which can account for a 1°C temperature reduction should we achieve our 1 trillion tree goal. And we get to look at lovely trees, less flooding and drought, breathe cleaner air.

if you need to think of more reasons why trees are good, ask any 4 year old and they can give you a long list. Birds. Bugs. You can climb trees. It goes on and on and on.


David Attenborough’s explains the value of trees very neatly in the video below. We have heard people say that Greta Thunberg is too young to know a lot, but she is singing the same tune as Sir David!