About Crann

Crann ‘Trees for Ireland’ was formed in 1986 by Jan Alexander, with the aim of “Releafing Ireland”.

Crann is Ireland’s leading voluntary tree organisation dedicated to the promotion and protection of our trees, hedgerows and woodlands. It is a membership-based, non profit registered charity (CHY13698) uniting people with a love of trees.

Crann is now probably best known for its high quality Crann magazine and for the Crann ‘Tidy Towns Assist Programme’ and the numerous school visits we provide through the Crann ‘Bring a Tree to School’ Programme.

Crann networks and co-operates with other organisations

We are members of the Tree Council of Ireland, an umbrella body for organisations involved in tree planting, management and conservation.

We are also members of the Irish Environmental Network, or IEN, which is made up of nationally active Irish Environmental NGOs. The groups represent a broad range of environmental issues including everything from wildlife conservation to climate change.


Crann’s mission is to enhance the environment of Ireland through planting, promoting, protecting and increasing awareness about trees, woodlands and hedgerows. We do this through a range of projects with a wide variety of people across the island of Ireland.


Crann is governed by a group of trustees who make up our Board of Directors.