Stand up for trees

Help us plant, promote, protect and increase awareness about trees, hedgerows and woodlands in Ireland

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Ireland has the lowest tree cover of all European countries!

Ireland has just 11% of its land covered with trees

Native trees cover just 2% of Ireland

Most native Irish woodlands are tiny

The majority of the Ireland’s forests are conifer plantations from the twentieth century

In Europe, forests cover around 35% of the land area

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen

Woodland are home to thousands of species of insect, bird, mammals and plants – our biodiversity

Trees help to prevent flooding by storing rain and releasing it slowly

What we do


We run fun events where children learn how important trees are to people, our culture and heritage and the natural world.

Tree Planting

We plant trees across Ireland with a wide range of individuals, schools, community groups and businesses.


We produce a twice yearly magazine for members as well as organizing walks, talks and presentations for the general public

Easy Treesie

We are planting one million trees with Ireland’s one million schoolchildren across the island of Ireland by 2023 – to reach the Plant-for-the-Planet challenge.

Our aim is for every child in Ireland to plant a tree and to sponsor one in the Global South. A million trees by December 2023. Easy Treesie!

You can support us by joining us on a tree planting day. You can also donate trees to our project.

An Easy Treesie planting project in Malahide

Irish Woodland

Ireland was once covered in broadleaved trees. Most of our native woodland was destroyed over the centuries and along with it the rich ecosystems it supported.

Ash and hazel woodland growing along an Irish river

Crann promotes the sustainable use of Irish-grown hardwoods, raises public awareness of the value of our woodlands and encourages the art and crafts associated with our native grown timber.

We cannot continue these tasks and our work of education and promotion without your help. All our resources are used to safeguard our woodlands and hedgerows for the future.

Stand up for trees

Help us plant, promote, protect and increase awareness about trees, hedgerows and woodlands in Ireland

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Our Patron

We are honoured to have President Michael D. Higgins as our sole Patron.

President Higgins has a long and well-known grasp for all things to do with the environment, and trees in particular.