Support Crann’s work with a Donation

Crann – Trees for Ireland is a voluntary organisation and your donation helps us to provide a range of services to support communities and educational initiatives on the importance of trees to our environment.

Just some of the activities your donation will support…..

  • producing Crann Magazine which includes informative articles and information.
  • hosting guided tree trails & woodland walks for all the family.
  • responding to enquiries from the general public.
  • tree talks, presentations and discussions with various community groups.
  • advocating and assisting with tree planting projects nationwide by engaging and cooperating with other organisations and community groups.
  • the Crann Schools Programme consists of workshops educating, raising awareness and planting trees with pupils nationwide – thus creating mini-woodlands and outdoor classrooms.
  • educating our young adults of the future in the benefits and beauty of their natural heritage and how they can help to protect it!
  • the Crann – Easy Treesie Project which aims to assist Ireland’s schoolchildren to plant one million trees by December 2023, to reach the “Plant-for-the-Planet” challenge!

We often get asked “How much should I donate ?” – well an example is that as little as €10.00 can mean sponsoring another Irish tree being planted on public land, as part of our various schoolchildren’s projects.

Thank you for your interest in our work and for your support!