Trees for Climate Change

News Release

Embargo: 11pm Thursday 17th April, 2014

Trees for Climate Change

Crann – Trees for Ireland calls for a new government approach to trees & forests

Against the background of:

  • The recent UN report on climate change and the certainty of a big shift, within the lifetime of trees, in Ireland’s climate,
  • The spread of ash dieback disease and the increased risk of other tree diseases as the climate warms,
  • The health benefits from recreational access to forests and treescapes

Crann calls on the government to implement the following programmes with the objectives of *improving our environment, * making our trees and forests more resilient to climate change, *helping flood control and *offsetting emissions through carbon sequestration:

  • A programme to double the area of Ireland’s forests and increase the planting of trees in cities, towns, villages, farm & field perimeters and countryside, including alongside roads & rivers
  • A programme of incentives towards leaving a proportion of trees to develop to their full lifespan as carbon stores,
  • A programme to phase out imports of trees due to disease risks and replace them with plants grown here from seed – environment should prevail in a conflict with free trade,
  • A programme to research the suitability of tree species that were native here before the recent ice age in order to enhance biodiversity & resilience to future climate change.


Crann Administrator Marguerite Arbuthnot-O’Brien 01 6275075
Crann Director Diarmuid McAree 087 2551491
Crann, PO Box 860, Celbrdige, Co. Kildare. Website: Email:

Background Note

Crann, a registered charity, was founded in 1986 with the aim of Releafing Ireland. It is Ireland’s leading voluntary tree organisation and is dedicated to planting, promoting, protecting and increasing awareness of trees.

Diarmuid McAree, in addition to being a Crann Director, is Vice-Chair of The United Nations Committee on Implementation of Sustainable Forest Management.