Easy Treesie Project

Crann has partnered with the Easy Treesie Project to help a million schoolchildren on the island of Ireland to plant a million trees by 2023 to reach the “Plant-for-the-Planet” challenge.
Join the Easy Treesie Project – it’ll be easy as 1, 2, Tree! Send us a tree-mail! We organise children to plant trees. Our aim is for every child in Ireland to plant a tree and to sponsor one in the Global South. A million trees by December 2023. Easy Treesy. You can support us by coming out on our planting parties.

You can donate on this site, click on the “Make a Donation” button, for as little as 10 euro per tree and email orla@easytreesie.com to confirm that you have donated so that she can email you a paperless cert of the location of your tree.  Check out all of the Easy Treesie Project information and updates on www.easytreesie.com